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Confucius on proper eating

In China, food has always occupied a central space. Literati, historians and sages have also devoted their reflections to food and to the importance of a proper preparation of dishes.

His rice is not excessively refined, and his sliced meat is

not cut excessively fine. Rice that has become putrid

and sour, fish that has spoiled, and meat that has gone

bad, he does not eat. Food that is discolored he does

not eat, and food with a bad odor he does not eat.

Undercooked foods he does not eat, and foods served

at improper times he does not eat. Meat that is

improperly carved, he does not eat, and if he does not

obtain the proper sauce, he will not eat. Though there

is plenty of meat, he will not allow it to overcome the

vitalizing power of the rice. Only in the case of wine

does he not set a limit. But he never drinks to the point

of becoming disorderly. Purchased wine or dried meat

from the market he does not eat. He never dispenses

with ginger when he eats. He does not eat to excess.

-Lun yü, or Edited Conversations of Confucius

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