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No country for garlic haters - a few light verses

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Memory is fragile, people often forget,

spirits and vampires I was set out to chase,

all of the times I’ve been invoked to protect,

a magic talisman I was called in those days.

Coughs and colds I've fended off for ages

ulcers, arthritis, high-pressure, headaches,

and many other ailments, I cured in each stage.

Memory is traitorous, they now disregard,

How many bad lovers needed I to distract?

How many small babies I hang out to guard?

millions and millions, now don’t forget that.

Many dislike my unmistakable presence,

culinary pariah, my name now reads “peasant”,

just when I start to unfold my bright essence,

to shun me is the plan, to claim I’m unpleasant.

Go on! Proclaim my rankness’s offensive.

To be subtle, elegant, I’ve never pretended,

meals with my touch are, yes, a little ostensive,

Supplant me! Good luck! They’ll no longer be splendid.

Go on! Create dishes with a dash of pretension,

I will stay in this land, to my lovers I’ll cater,

my existence here, is no cause for dissension

for this is no country… for garlic haters.

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